Mother Hubbard Talks Writers block

Or rather writes. But you know what I mean. Back on the 1st day of January of this brand new year I set myself a little bucket list, a few things I wanted to achieve in January. Im not doing so bad on some of them, others I havent even contemplated yet, you can read here exactly what I set myself to do.

However, for the last few days I havent posted a single thing on this blog. Considering one of my bucket list ideas was to blog everyday this month its safe to say I failed. Miserably. Im sure it has gone completely unnoticed, but to me, I havent liked the silence. I have a perfectly good reason, both Baby L and I have been full of this winter bug and cold that seems to making its way round everyone. Today I am sneezing repeatedly into the computer screen, poor macbook.

Having started out the year full of hope and excitement, buzzing with ideas of what I wanted to write about, photograph and general ideas on how to improve this blog I sat down today with the full intention of getting back to work on things. However I sat and stared at a blank screen for what felt like forever.

I suppose thats why Im really writing this, to break the mould and get the creative juices flowing. Even now Im not sure what to write, to blog about, or even if what I write is remotely interesting. Anyone else have some time away from something they enjoy and find that they dont quite know how to do it anymore?

It got me thinking about ways to get out of my little writers block phase and I thought I might share with you some of my findings

1. Read other blogs Now I dont mean steal content or ideas, that would be mean, but blogs can be a huge inspiration. Read blogs in the genre you write in yourself, read blogs about things you dont necessarily write about, just read as much as you can. Before you know it your mind will have wandered to a blog post idea of your own and then hey presto your back in the game.

2. Look back at your drafts I have a number of draft posts sat waiting to be edited or just waiting for the right time be published. ??Sometimes my draft post could just be a title I thought off, or a paragraph to start me off when I had a spare five minutes. Sometimes you could have a completed post that just needs one final line or paragraph and its good to go. Either way I sometimes find a lot of inspiration in my draft posts.

3. Stop planning or just writing what your readers might like I think??most??some bloggers find that sometimes they may write a piece that they think will be popular. Sometimes they may base their whole blog around this but it can only last for a certain time before the real you wants to scream out. I write some fashion posts from time to time, the odd beauty thing here and there, but its not necessarily who I am or what my blog is about and if it was all about that, because I thought thats what people wanted to read, this blog would have stopped a long time ago. It doesnt mean that I wont write those types of blog posts in the future, because I do enjoy coming out of my comfort zone, and Im not sure people always want to just read my random ramblings. Its always good just to get yourself a nice cup of something, sit in your favourite spot, and just write whats on your mind. Its good for the soul.

4. Dont force it If nothing is happening then turn your computer off, put your phone on silent and just get on with something else. At this time its good to get yourself stuck into something else completely different. Tackle that wardrobe you have been promising to organise, do some house work, play with your little ones, paint your mails like I did today, just forget about it. You dont need to write there and then, and so take yourself away from it. This has happened to me lots of times and within an hour of taking myself away from the situation I would have thought about something to write about or document.

5. Get out Take yourself for a walk and clear your head. Things can have a whole different perspective after some fresh air. Locking yourself away in a room with your computer isnt going to solve anything.

6. Look back at some of your old posts This could be the one post you were really proud of, perhaps its a reminder of why you blog in the first place, I look back on my why do I blog post regularly to remind myself what it was all really about for me. Reminding yourself of how much you actually enjoy what you are doing is guaranteed to make you feel a little better, and it may just give you a little hint of inspiration for your next masterpiece.

7. Re-read your first ever blog post Mine was terrible, and looking back on that post really cements how far I have come with my little blog and also on a personal development level. I always wanted to have a voice, I always enjoyed writing, and so finding something at this stage in my life that enables??what I love to fit with my family lifestyle has been a huge thing for me. Looking back on that first post just shows me, as it will you, how far you have actually come. Well done.

8. Finally if in doubt Write a post about how to deal with writers block just like I have because as I pointed out at the beginning of this post, thats exactly how I started out my day.

Have you got any tips to beat the writers block? I would love to hear them. Also you can follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with my january bucket list.